What to do When You’re Bored

So, we’ve all been at home for a while now—the fun has worn off, Zoom happy hours have grown stale, and you’re still going stir crazy. What are you going to do to pass the time when there’s just so much Netflix binge-watching you can do? With quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and the pandemic’s overall status shifting on a regular basis, there’s one thing we’ve been given time.

Of course, we’d all rather be at gigs, on rooftop bars, or touring the globe during the summer, but we can’t. So, as we look back on this time, what would we wish we had accomplished? Our lives have been far less hectic, with only the commute to work being reduced, not to mention anything else we no longer do. Everything has a to-do list full of tasks and must-dos, as well as a wish list full of someday-someday-maybes. It’s time to dust them off and start crossing things off your to-do list. We’ve put together a series of suggestions to help you fight boredom at home while remaining healthy. We may as well have put all this spare time to good use because Netflix isn’t going anywhere.

Remind yourself that you’re doing what you’re doing:

People want to do anything other than nothing. It is essential to socially isolate since remaining at home is the most reliable way to avoid further spread of the coronavirus. It does not always feel that way, however.

Boredom, like all feelings, is based on what you’re thinking at the time. That means being at home would only be worthwhile if we are consciously considering the public good. Researchers discovered that when students were asked to think on why their schoolwork was important to them individually, their interest in learning grew. Reframing our behavior, in other words, shifts how we feel about it.

Simple notes, such as a note on the refrigerator or a morning meditation, will help us remember the big picture: staying at home is a choice we’re willing to make for the sake of others.

Create a rhythm:

Routines bring order to our days and a sense of coherence that helps us find meaning in our lives. When people are engaging in everyday rituals, their lives become more positive.

When we stop coming to work or when we are laid off, we miss those habits. Closures in cities, hotels, and schools affect both seniors and stay-at-home parents. This disruption of routine may lead to feelings of depression. People can reclaim a sense of purpose that protects them from boredom by establishing new routines.

Adapt to the situation:

It can be difficult to know what to do when faced with long days that are not structured by job or education. Boredom was the

second most popular topic in a recent survey of citizens in quarantine in Italy, after lack of independence.

One of the things that makes those circumstances difficult is that finding tasks that are only challenging enough to keep one busy without being too exhausting can be difficult. People can get bored and irritated as a result of this situation.

It’s helpful to remember that what constitutes too much or too little challenge can change during the day. If you need a rest, don’t push yourself to keep on.

Experiment with new ideas:

Most of us are drawn to the book through boredom. Accept the desire with caution. Try a new recipe, play with home renovations, or learn a new dance on Tik-Tok if you have the energy.

Doing new activities not only alleviates boredom, but it also aids in the acquisition of new skills and information, which can serve to alleviate boredom in the long run. When we read an intriguing book or have complicated interactions, for example, we sense a burst of curiosity, but only if we have the capacity to comprehend them.

Evidence suggests that embracing new opportunities will help one live a mentally richer life, not just a happier or more fulfilling one.

Make room for a few indulgences:

It’s fine to binge on tv if that’s what you’ve got right now.

We may also put ourselves in a trap where our most fulfilling pastimes are often emotionally exhausting or time-consuming. Digging through a classic Russian book, for example, can be worthwhile, but it isn’t always easy.

Similarly, well-intentioned advice for coping at home, such as organizing a simulated wine-and-design night, could be too stressful to be enjoyable at a time when many of us are still struggling.

Give yourself permission to indulge in your vices.

Reframe those times, if necessary, as much-needed mental refreshment, nourishing and recharging you for a later time.

Make friends:

Finding simple meaningful alternatives – bite-sized choices that don’t need much work but provide profound satisfaction – may be difficult.

Fortunately, we all have one positive option: communicating with others, whether virtually or in person for those fortunate enough not to be quarantined alone.

And when we’re not doing our best, basic positive acts like looking at old pictures or reminiscing with a friend will help us feel better. It is not necessary to have an excuse to call a friend; our best socializing occurs in the unstructured period between planned events.

Make virtual space for that as well when next time you’re pouring a glass of juice or watering the gardens, call a friend. Together, prepare a meal. When we’re all in this together, we don’t have to be bored.

Learning new foreign language:

It would be very helpful to brush up on your rusty language skills from high school or college. Why waste four years of language study because being bilingual is so valuable? Begin learning for free using online resources.

Solve puzzles and play board games:

Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, or a traditional deck of cards are both options. Bring back the $200 prize for passing go or the joy of actually completing the puzzle frame.

Watching Films:

I don’t know about you, but I find that watching motivational and inspirational movies helps to alleviate boredom, and the most beneficial outcome of doing so is that it gives you hope and courage to face life’s challenges.

Challenging Yourself To Finish Books:

Simply setting a challenge for yourself to finish a book of your choosing gives you a lot of valuable experience and development, and it makes you more interested in completing subsequent books.

De-clutter the wardrobe:

Have a point of going into your wardrobe. It’s been six months since you’ve worn it? Get a donation. Is it riddled with holes? Toss it in the air. Should you have to wear it all the time? Keep it. You get the idea—clear up some room for some new bits by getting rid of what you don’t need.

Sort through the images in your phone’s camera roll:

Take the time to delete outdated screenshots or browse through photos from previous relationships—a photo purge, if you like. You’ll not only be arranging your camera roll, but it’ll also be fun to go down memory lane and look at old party photos of all your mates.

Make a backup of your hard drive and sort your files:

For all of the free time, it’s a smart idea to get ahead of the game and avoid losing everything in a catastrophic computer failure. Since you’ve completed your backups, take the time to arrange and organize everything you’ve saved. More files, more folders, more folders!

Make a list of holiday gift suggestions:

Start making the holiday wish list now to get ahead of the game. Keeping a running list of suggestions for all the special people in your life in your Notes app will save you from getting stressed in December.

If you want to be a bit more frugal, you might start purchasing some of the presents now and storing them before the big day arrives. This way, you won’t end up with huge credit card bills from purchasing all your gifts at once!

Go into your email address and clean it out:

I don’t know about you, but the red number in the corner of my Mail app gives me the creeps. Go through your emails and delete those that aren’t important. Bonus points if you unsubscribe from any email lists you don’t like or need to be on while you’re at it.

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Clean out and organize the junk drawer:

It’s what we’ve all got. The one cabinet, which is a jumble of miscellaneous items, shift, and our keys. Invest in a cabinet organizer. Get yourself a drawer organizer and start organizing. Your keys will still be kept there, so you can no longer need the 75 empty scotch tape rolls.


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