What is the Power of Word in Shaping Reality?

Choose the words carefully, since they are the most strongest weapon you have to articulate yourself as a human being. We must restrain ourselves and use our words carefully as we talk / speak. Care before you spoke.

Whenever you speak, take time to consider what you say before you think about your words and their meaning and significance. Often don’t say things to strangers you don’t  know.

Speaking or writing is peace of cake. All that you must have to do is roll your tongue around your teeth or fingers around your pen and make all your worries, fears and feelings go away.

We are the only ones that have been given the freedom to convey our multitude of emotions without allowing them to build up.

However, there is a snag. The issue arises from the fact that we have turned this gift into a curse. It’s all too tempting to lose sight of the fact that this natural talent is a blessing. It’s a gift we don’t appreciate until it’s taken away. I want to yell at the top of my lungs just thinking about the fact that one day, when I die, I will be left incapable of speaking or writing what I want. It makes me want to step back in time and do it all over again.

Things in life take on the significance we assign to them. You would have more pain and unhappiness in your life if you write about it.

When you talk, use terms to express what you want if you speak from a caring place, you will attract more loving things into your life.

To get to this stage, try to think about what you’re going to say before you say it by taking a few deep breaths before speaking.

When you do something nice, don’t tell anybody about it.

Furthermore, talking so long saps our vitality and makes our speech less effective when spoken. Speak in less but more accurate sentences.

Despite the tremendous importance of this gift, we continue to treat it as carelessly as possible. We don’t think before we talk, we don’t weigh our sentences before we write, and we don’t ponder anything before we actually say something. We utter and write the first thing that comes to mind without ever considering, much less considering, someone else’s feelings. We are almost narcissistic in our disregard for the possibility that the other person might be feeling something. It’s almost inhumane.

We don’t consider twice about telling anyone they’ve gained weight. We don’t think twice about telling anyone they’re too skinny.

When we make a remark on someone’s quietness or talkativeness, we don’t think twice.

We never thought twice about accusing anyone of doing something they did not do. We never hesitate to brag about how lucky we are in front of those who are less fortunate. Our insults cover a whole variety of topics, but the only decent thing we have to say is, “Hey!” You have a lovely figure!”

We never hesitate to weigh the consequences of our words. We say everything when we’re mad, and we say everything when we’re pleased.

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Tell yourself the following questions the next time you open your mouth to vent or criticize yourself or others.

  • What am I going to say?
  • How would this benefit me or my happiness?

Before you say something, ask yourself these two critical questions.

So pick your terms with courage, awareness, and love.

Always talk from a heart of compassion, whether it’s about yourself, your life, or others. Use the words carefully because they are your universe.

As a result, all of you reading this, I implore and request that you refrain from speaking until you are certain that what you are saying has meaning that exceeds the value of your silence. Don’t say something until you’re certain your words can make, not break, the guy. Don’t say something until you’ve fully grasped the significance of the sentences. Don’t speak out of obligation, speak out of desire, for what comes from the heart is still pure and good.


Hi, I am admin of this blog, my name is Abdul Samad, aim from Pakistan. I have student in 12th class, and I am 19 years old, I am an IT Expert. I have nearby 4-5 years experience in many of computer and IT field.

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