Best Book that gave me a lot of respect :Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki

The financial landscape is often daunting, but Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has emerged as a guiding light for many navigating these complexities. Kiyosaki, an entrepreneur and investor, penned this book that has revolutionized how people perceive and manage their finances.

Here are the some important points from the book. First of all the whole book is based on practical things and real life experience of Robert T.Kiyosaki.

If you want to enhance your thoughts for earning and investing money then be aware that this Master piece can make wonders .

Here are the 11 major points from the book.

1. your success totally depends on your self confidance it is the self confidance that can increase or decrease your success rate. 

2. youth should do that job where they have a lot for learning than earning.

3. Five things are mentioned by author that inspite of having investment knowledge people can’t make increase in their assets and things that make hindrance are a) Fear, b) Laziness, c) Bad habit, d) Proud, e) Rough behavior and rough nature. 

4. Failure works as oxygen for successful people because they learn from that.

5. You should find all possibilities of doing any work instead of disappointment and quitting.

6. People will critize you anyhow whether you do good or bad so do what makes your heart feel good according to elenoor Rossavelt.

7. Proud=It is compound of ego and illiteracy the person who is having that feels if he doesn’t know something he thinks it is not necessary for him.

8. Behind every action there is thinking and that thinking is as important as making that thinking into practical use.

9. leave everything and take some rest and feel what is difference between working and not working because it is the main cause to be mental patient because working constantly and expecting your desired results.

10. Apply new new thoughts find new ways.

11. You are blessed with two great blessings of God first is TIME second is MIND now it depends on

you what type of work you get from both, you can be rich by using them or be poor by not using them properly

Learn and read to improve your life happily.

Key Lessons from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

At its core, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” emphasizes the vital role of financial education. Kiyosaki presents a stark comparison between his biological father (poor dad) and the father of his childhood friend (rich dad). The book underscores the distinction between assets and liabilities, urging readers to invest in income-generating assets rather than falling into the trap of accumulating liabilities.

The narrative delves into the power of investing and how it contributes to creating sustainable wealth. Through engaging anecdotes and practical insights, Kiyosaki prompts readers to rethink their approach to money and wealth creation.

Impact on Personal Perspective

For many, reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” marks a pivotal moment. It reshapes mindsets regarding money and triggers a proactive approach towards financial stability. The lessons learned from the book often lead to real-life implementations, such as venturing into investments or seeking avenues for passive income.

Critiques and Controversies

While “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has garnered widespread acclaim, it hasn’t been exempt from criticisms. Some financial experts debate the practicality and applicability of Kiyosaki’s advice, raising concerns about its feasibility for everyone.

Global Influence of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Despite the controversies, the book’s teachings have transcended borders, resonating with readers globally. Success stories attributed to its principles showcase its impact, inspiring individuals worldwide to take charge of their financial destinies.

The Book’s Enduring Legacy

Even years after its publication, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” continues to leave an indelible mark on readers. Its enduring legacy lies in the lasting impact it has on reshaping financial mindsets and its ongoing relevance in the ever-evolving financial world.


“Rich Dad Poor Dad” stands as a beacon of financial wisdom, offering invaluable lessons that transcend generations. Its teachings not only empower individuals but also spark a paradigm shift in understanding wealth and success.


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