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Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024:

Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024:

Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024: | Australia won their second Test match against Pakistan by a score of 79 runs in an exciting and closely contested affair. Both teams gave excellent performances in the contest, with Australia particularly standing out for their skill and tenacity. The participants’ outstanding cricket skills added to the match’s ferocious and fascinating atmosphere. Australia was victorious over Pakistan in this intensely contested Test match thanks to their strategic captaincy, outstanding batting, and economical bowling efforts.

Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024:

Australia captain:

Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match,Melbourne Report 2024: | Pat Cumins: Player of the Match I enjoy playing here. The largest Test match of the year is on Christmas Day. I adore the excitement of Christmas. The wickets have been good over the past few years. There are a few possibilities available to you; the last few years have been somewhat uneven. A little bounce up and down is what I prefer. You have some short balls to bowl. This is always a really great run-up. They were a little twitchy (when Pakistan needed to win by less than 100 runs), but they felt fine and were pleased with Rizwan’s wicket. We believed we had enough to bowl at, but it was a touch tight, so anything above 300 was the goal. Marsh and Steve’s collaboration definitely put us back in the game. We were behind for a while; they were bowling brilliantly, had their tails up, and the pitch was difficult. It was a great cooperation that provided us something to defend and allowed us to return to the game. It was quiet in the dressing room even at 4/16. We anticipated that someone would step up. True mutual trust and support in the changing area. It seems like a new match-winner emerges every week. Amazing year, full of achievements in the field. I believe 2023 will go down in history as one of the exceptional years.

Pakistan captain:

Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024: | Shan Masood:We must consider the wider picture. There were plenty of advantages. It’s simple for us to wonder, “What if we did this? What if we did that?” That’s the entire process and part of the game. There were plenty of positives, but if you sniff out a quality side like Australia, which we did, maybe we wouldn’t have been chasing as many wickets today. Perhaps we would have dropped someone in form, like Marsh, in the field yesterday. Errors occur. In the grand scheme of things, this is how we want to play Test cricket. Our squad has to move on after playing Test cricket in these conditions, persevering till the end, and getting the result we were able to. Four days are reflected in it; the game never stopped. It would go our way occasionally, and Australia’s other way. Having won the toss, we have the ideal bowling conditions, which is fortunate. Pat Cummins, one of the greatest bowlers in the world, came in with a stint that had us leading with the bat with Abdullah and I in a solid partnership. The combination of Mitchell Marsh and Steve Smith in the second inning gave us another run. We’ve taken 20 wickets, which is something we haven’t done in Australia in a long time, so that box is checked. Everyone had strong started and some beautiful fifties in terms of runs, but in Test cricket against top sides, you want to get the hundreds. We want to play Test cricket on this model, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I hope we continue to do that. You want to turn those fifty into hundreds because they are so vicious. As a batting team, it is what we must accomplish. Every Test match matters because the Australians have bowlers of the highest caliber. The game was thrilling, and the groundskeepers did an excellent job. In pivotal times, the Australians prevailed, and the grounds staff produced a superior Test pitch.

“They had excellent fighting all day long. This one also required a little bit of luck; I almost lost it but managed to hold on. This seems like a lot because, even though it seems like they would take it away from us when Babar and Rizwan were in, our bowling experience ultimately counted.” Mitchell Marsh


Pak VS Aus, 2nd Test match ,Melbourne Report 2024:
Shan Masood©Oat Cummins©
Babar AzamUsman Khawaja
Muhmmad Rizwan(wk)David Warner
Abdullah ShafiqueMarnus Labuschagne
Hassan AliSteve Smith
Imam ul HaqTravish Head
Mir HamzaMitchell Marsh
Salman Ali AghaAlex Carey(wk)
Saud ShakeelMitchell Starc
Amer JamalNathan Lyon
Saheen Shah AfridiJosh Hzlewood

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