Importance Of Motivate Children to Success Achieving in Talent

Increase the Talent of Children by Motivating

Every child has a talent to increase these qualities,  we need to pay a little attention. They should be rewarded for a job well done. This appreciation will not only make them happy, but they will also listen to you carefully, and the ability to think better will be awakened in them.

There is hardly anyone in the world who is not happy to hear his praise. Everyone likes to be appreciated. Works that are appreciated and encouraged by people. His interest in the work grows. He is trying to do better. This is 100% true for children. Motivation and nurturing play a key role in the development of children.

Tell the Story of Child Motivation

Amanda Cox”, a British teacher, shared an inspiring story of what happened in her classroom on social media. I would like to mention in this context that when a mother wants to inspire her children to fly high on their wings, they also feel the sky in their hands. She explains that one day she forgot to bring her pencil to class, and as a result, she asked her students for pencils.

A boy who had enough pencils offered to give them one of his pencils, but at the end of the day, the pencil asked him to return it.

The teacher saw something written on the edge of the pencil with a red pen. When she took a closer look, Amanda realized that it was a personally written message: “You are so talented.” He then took another pencil from the same student and read another message.

He also had encouraging words: “You are extraordinary.” Amanda went to the boy and asked if he could show her the rest of his pencils, and they guessed about the rest of the pencils. He proved to be quite right. Each of these pencils had a separate message written on it. For example, “It will be a great year.”

“Mother’s Reminder of Worth”
• Reminds individual of worth.
• Encourages sharing of feelings with classmates.

It was clear that his mother’s encouraging messages meant a lot to the boy because they used to remind him how special he is, how capable he is, how he can do a lot, and how many big things are waiting for him in the future. After Amanda Cox published story on her page on Facebook, with the photos showing the pencils, which attracted the attention of thousands of people who agreed that the mother was rearing her kid properly. People like my mother’s style.

Every child has potential. To highlight these capabilities, we need to pay a little attention. It is important for parents and teachers not to delay in developing any kind of ability in the students.

We must never forget that we need to give our children a little push from time to time. So that they can achieve what they are truly capable of. Take care of the children. By scolding, beating, and talking, the personality of the child gets distorted. Children love to be appreciated.

They should be rewarded for a job well done. This appreciation will not only make them happy, but they will also listen to you carefully, and the ability to think better will be awakened in them.

Children must be encouraged for their small achievements. For example, a small gift. Take him to his favorite place. be flogged. Write good messages for it and keep it in a copy. If you can’t do anything, at least give yourself a pat on the back. Applause can be made. The result will motivate children to perform better and increase their potential.

There are many such people around us. They need our help. There is a need for loving encouragement. They need to know that someone supports for their success. I’d like children to be successful. It can be anyone. Just a few words of support, love, encouragement, and reassurance can make someone successful. Be supportive of each other. Be a collaborator. Encourage others. Appreciate the positive actions.

We can’t be the sun for everyone, 

  • but we can be the sunshine for everyone. 
  • those who are hopeless. 
  • Put a glimmer of hope in their hands and see what is not working. 
  • Dream of success in the eyes of those who are sad. 
  • By opening a smile on the lips of those who are beginning to lose courage and by encouraging them, 
  • you will feel relieved that goodness returns in some way.

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Every child has potential and should be rewarded for their efforts. Parents and teachers should not delay in developing these abilities. A British teacher shared an inspiring story of a student who received a personalized message on a pencil, reminding him of his talents and abilities. This “Mother’s Reminder of Worth” encourages sharing feelings with classmates and reminds children of their worth. Parents can also promote their children’s friendly achievement, Such as writing amazing messages or taking them to a most liked place. Supporting others and giving affection and support can result in success.


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