Deal With Tough and Difficult Times?

In Yellowstone National Park, there is a curious spot named Octopus Springs. Octopus Springs is one of only a few locations on the planet that has been designated as a “serious climate”.

It takes “against all expectations” defying obstacles for existence to survive here. It is nothing short of a wonder that existence should still survive at all.

Existence does, therefore, exist. It manages to find a path against all odds.

Humans have a lot more in common with these harsh conditions than we would expect. Despite the fact that we have access to water, sunshine, food, fire, and shelter, there are moments in our lives that we question how life can be so unfair, difficult, and unlikely.

It’s almost uninhabitable.

If falling to your knees in absolute agony as your warm beating heart is torn from your dead body isn’t serious, I honestly hope I’ll never have to endure one.

At the height of our desperation, as we’re pounding our fists into the ground, we all hear the same thing: “Why is it that I am doing this? What really did I do to get this?”

There’s a solution available.

You’re already breathing. You were born as a result of a combination of factors and circumstances. Any sentient being is afflicted in some way.

1. This isn’t going to last forever.

This was my guiding principle. This comment aided me in getting through a difficult period in my life. Change used to terrify me, and I despised it. I was terrified of such a significant transition. And it occurred to me that transition is an inevitable aspect of existence. We can’t deter progress from happening, but we must learn to understand and welcome it.

It also reminded me that things won’t always be this way, and that things will gradually improve. If you’re having a very difficult time, keep in mind that things can get easier.

2. Take Away What You’ve Seen

It’s been said that overcoming difficulties today brings you strength for tomorrow. While I now consider this assertion to be right, I always wondered, “Why me?” during my trials. “What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why is this happening to me?” When those thoughts and questions came to me, I had to honestly assess my position in my own life and in previous circumstances. I found I used to blame my misfortune on others. I used to think of myself as a helpless survivor. It wasn’t my fault in the least. I learned that no one is perfect; we can never be all to everybody, and I had a lot of places where I wanted to improve.

It’s never easy to understand and recognize your own flaws, so once you can, you will work to improve yourself and benefit from your experiences.

3. Seek outside assistance

I grew up in an age where you just made things out on your own the whole “pick yourself up by your own bootstraps” thing. Where did that come from in the first place?  Are these pirates or characters from a turn-of-the-century novel? Who knows, but it’s still applicable today, and it’s the easiest way for me to express how I see my position in society.

After being self-sufficient for too long and still encountering difficulties, I eventually reached out for assistance and was given it. As long as your spirit remains humble and your motive is honest, asking for support is also the brave thing to do. Since I deal with perfectionism, asking for assistance is difficult for me. As I was able to do so and show other people’s goodness, it gave me the motivation to keep on.

4. Ask for forgiveness or forgive someone.

There has been a lot published on the importance of forgiveness. There are a plethora of quotations, novels, and posts to choose from. It’s an essential component of living a more stress-free existence.

I used to be resentful about my previous circumstances. Since I thought it was the other person’s responsibility and not mine, I criticized others and harbored grudges. I discovered that I had a resentment underlying inside me, that I was more prone to rage, and that no matter what I did, I was never genuinely satisfied. After a while of sitting in unforgiveness, I knew it wasn’t good for my wellbeing.

Allowing the wrong one to be forgiven does not imply that what they did was correct. It said that whatever they did to me had no control over me any more.

The resentment and rage have been published. Their previous behavior no longer have an emotional hold over me. My core is no longer in trouble since it has been forgiven. I’m enjoying my independence.

I have had to forgive myself for past failures and seek forgiveness from friends and family members who had been devastated by my hardships.

Forgiveness is a method, and if you’ve decided to forgive, your life will improve. The anger fades away. The joy has returned.

5. Embrace the present moment

Many days, I dreamed about tomorrow, the next week, or the following year. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay the rent or buy enough food before my next paycheck several months. I got nowhere by being concerned about any of those details.

Throughout my difficulties, I was always looked after; we always had only enough. There were days that a surprise rebate check from the previous six months brought me through before my next paycheck arrived. I’ll never forget a Christmas where a close friend bought gifts for my children because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get them that year.

When time went by, I found that dreaming about tomorrow or next week did little but increase my anxiety. It wasn’t really close to being worth it. I was willing to concentrate on now and give it my all rather than offering part of my thoughts to the future or the past until I concentrated on the moment.

6. Enlist the Help of a Valuable Support System

A support network may be made up of peers or family members. It may be coworkers or someone else who encourages you to make positive changes in your life.

During my challenges, I discovered a community network that was instrumental in getting me through some of the most difficult times. I have a counsellor who has shown me that we are not supposed to be lonely or separated. It’s a lot more difficult to navigate through life because you don’t have someone to support you. I used to withdraw because I felt unwelcomed, as though I wasn’t worth wasting time with, or as if no one needed to hear what I had to say. Those were just fabrications.

Remove all toxic relationships from your life that are dragging you down. Maintaining partnerships and connections with others that have your back and will help you no matter how difficult life becomes is critical. Keep such good partnerships alive by nurturing them and never letting them go.

7. Keep an eye on the variables that are under your control.

This was communicated with me by a close friend, and it stayed with me. Everything I have power over is myself, my behaviour, and my reactions. I can’t manipulate other people, and it’s pointless to try. In the past, I’d done everything: coercion, intimidation, and avoiding. I had a lot of scenarios in my mind on how to convince somebody to behave a certain way, and I failed miserably with each one.

It’s been said that insanity involves doing the same thing over and over and hoping a different outcome. The statement, in a nutshell, refers to trying to exert power on someone. “You ought to let it go,” Meghan Trainor sings in “NO,” her hit single.

We will dwell inward until we let go of having to manipulate someone or some aspects in our environment. We will also continue to transform themselves to see other people change around us. It’s exciting to see, but we must still remember that the secret is in our hands.

8. Have faith in miracles.

And in the midst of adversity, we need aspirations and hope. If we don’t agree that the unthinkable will happen at times, we’ll never know what we’re missing out on.

Our minds have the ability to manifest into truth. If we think negatively all of the time, we will attract negative situations into our lives. We also have pessimistic feelings in our heads. The question is whether we trust them or not. We have the option of filtering out pessimistic thinking and concentrating on the good.

To maintain our optimism, we must encourage ourselves to dream large. You can be restricting yourself if you place your existence in a box and feel you should only perform or do those tasks.

9. Get a good laugh

Outside of having strong and motivating partnerships, laughter can be one of the most effective mood lifters. A good buddy can lift your spirits, and a funny comedy can remind you of the importance of humor.

Some people use humor or teasing to distract themselves from their problems.

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10. Adore

Don’t be afraid to take a gamble on marriage. It’s happened before. Do not give up on marriage, even though you have been hurt several times in the past.

It is enough for us to take a gamble on love. There are no promises of general, and it is something that must be understood. It is important to set aside expectations. And the best-intentioned relationships come to an end. I would be restricting myself and losing out on the pleasure that love will offer if I had truly given up on love. Consider this: who succeeds if we absolutely give up on love? Who was the most recent individual to cause you harm? Is it possible to hate someone? Is there something wrong with being negative? Love doesn’t always triumph.

Allow yourself to be available and ready to receive everything the world has in store for you. It’s possible that you’ll be taken aback.

I used to search for love in all the wrong ways, or I would push something to happen because I didn’t want to be single. As I eventually let go of that and began to believe in love and life in general as a result of my newfound solidarity in becoming single, love found me. Don’t give up on loving while you’re careful.


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