How Relations Become Weak and Toxic

Every relation that can be in the shape of father, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother uncle aunt or cousin  are all gift of God inspire of these blood relations there are much more relations exists in this temporary world on the basis of trust, respect, care and no doubt love is mandatory to mention if there is explaining of word Relation and we become connected to our those relations altogether our blood relations and can not live without them because we humans are collection of emotions according to Aristotle so when someone share their emotions with ours and if their quality of thoughts got matched with ours we did not realize how we went close with them.

But this is rule of nature that if you do not maintain things with their value and their importance then their will be a lot of extreme chances that either that thing will begin to collapse completely  or becomes toxic or irregular or infective or in common words if I simply that thing will be only be the THING OF DISPLAY, same happens with the relations if we do not care and maintain by giving them the importance that these Gifts of God deserves then these also turn to be either completely collapsing or becoming toxic and formal .

So I will discuss the main reasons that causes relations to become weak and toxic


We all have a bad thing in common that if someone just give importance to someone else more than he/she gives to us, we  get jealous and in that jealousy we all criticize them if we find a very little chance to and set our jealousy to be cooled and try all possible ways to fulfill that person’s ears about all the fake evils and lies about the person who previously got more respect than of us. I can not say that this condition is good but I can surely say that this is Human phenomena that if he/she finds anything to like he/she want that thing to be completely of them without anyone’s interference in quality of love and care that we got.

Let me give you an example from our daily life.

When mother give birth to new born baby after 1st one then there is a lot of love and care distribution among the 1st and new born 2nd child and you might have seen 1nd child to do a lot of things that catch parents attentions that can be of any kind if all not works he also get angry with parents.

So jealousy is not good to do we have to understand and will have to be mature enough to get rid of it because it ultimately kills our relations and happiness .

We should always understand people like if they are comfortable to some people more than you then you do not try to make them more comfortable with yourself, and if you do that you will find yourself in low level and undervalued person so let them be comfortable to that person whom they are comfortable.


Every human contains feelings and set of emotions and also senses if someone taunts him/her if he/she can not reply instantly of taunts at that movement but it literally hurts . we should care of speaking harsh and tentful with the one’s with whom we are connected because words and behaviors will become printed in minds and can not be forgotten so easily

Photo Capturing

You might wonder why I mentioned here photo capturing it actually mean giving more priority to images and snaps than the present movements and the relations that need our love physically and emotionally rather than electronically and digitally but situation is totally inverse.

In today’s world, we see people taking pictures on every little moment, thinking that these are the memories we have… No, they are not the memories you got, they are just images of people that don’t describe your love for the people you are taking picture with. Real love and real feelings will be in you and in the memories you have in your mind and your heart. These all things are just materialistic.

We normally hear some people saying that they don’t like taking pictures. Not because they don’t like being clicked, but because they want to make memories. They want to enjoy every moment of happiness.

I had lost someone who was world to me but I am lucky that I have all the best memories of my childhood with him. I don’t have pictures of our special moments but I do have memories which make me smile and remember that person more and more.

BUT NOT EVERYONE IS THAT LUCKY. I’m saying all this because nowadays we all are busy in taking pictures rather than making memories with the people we love.

Because when we will die  then these all memories will be remembered behind us, not the only pictures.

Pictures should be the part of memories not the whole substitute of memories… PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THIS REALITY BEFORE YOU REGRET.


In many times we were gotten wrong and guilty and on that basis many relations that previously were connected to us do not take a minute to consider whether it is actually wrong or not and break the relation with us so behind all these things is the misunderstandings that were created by the evil persons or by the ones who do not like us to be happy so before doing so we must 1st consider all things and if misunderstanding founded we should have to cut that misunderstandings like if our nails grow we cut nails not our fingers.

Feeling Of Superiority

You might have seen in relations when we give a lot of care , respect and love to ones whom we are connected not all are same but mostly turned in to be in the state of superiority and feeling like they are something that’s why they are being respected they do not know their relations by which they are respected. In that case the relations are not last , so that thing must be avoided from mind.


In this world full of avarice and acquisitiveness , value those who ring you up and drag you out to spend time with them and they will be no one except those with whom we are connected .

So if we value each and every relation we will not only save

them from losing but also can maintain love and respect between them .Sitting on sofa and declining the offers to go out or intentionally ignoring your close one’s messages will make you regret that time when you notice silver hair over your head and eventually find no one to care and value about you . Bunking all good times with your close one’s just to stay on social media will only increase your fake friends circle more and real friends and relations will behind in your life , these social media friends can not be compared with one’s who came to you daily for spending time with you.

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Final Thoughts

We should have to sense if something that causes relations toxic and formal we must identify and remove with mature understanding from other person’s point of view. And we should value those who take care of us, help us in our difficult times when we need of them and share happiness with us. We should also visit them to know that how they are and if they need any support whether that can be of emotionally or in terms of finance.

If you can not understand these things to such extent no problem just when you speak or behave with your loved ones just simply put yourself in their places in your imagination if that words or behaviors sounds good to you then do that otherwise you will feel what it feel when you do something unwanted. 


Hi, I am admin of this blog, my name is Abdul Samad, aim from Pakistan. I have student in 12th class, and I am 19 years old, I am an IT Expert. I have nearby 4-5 years experience in many of computer and IT field.

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