7 Shortcuts You Will Regret Taking in Life

Your Future is Nothing But The Collection Of Your Present Acts”

Earl Nightingale

There is no such thing as a quick way to get somewhere worthwhile. Working is the only way to get things done. “I will do the work,” repeat to yourself every day. “Genius is 1% creativity and 99 percent effort,” as Albert Einstein once said. In order to be an athlete, you must be able to drive. Being a writer necessitates the ability to compose. If you want your relationships to thrive, you need to be personally involved in them.

Find ways to be more effective, by all means. But make no mistake: it takes a lot of hard work to create something worthwhile. There are few success stories out there of people who rose to prominence rapidly, but you’ll normally find that they put in years of related effort before anybody noticed their apparent rapid rise. In other words, their new level of success is clearly the culmination of all those years of hard work.

Doing what has to be done is the most efficient method. Put forth the necessary effort. Don’t shortchange yourself by using shortcuts like these:

1.Taking the shortest possible path:

When you look back on your past, you’ll know that everything worthwhile you’ve ever done began as a test. And that’s a good thing, since huge obstacles will help ordinary people achieve exceptional results.

Any conflict occurs for a reason – to gain experience or to teach a lesson. A great path is never quick, and no amount of adversity along the way is ever wasted if you learn and improve as a result of it.

Remember that an arrow can only be fired backwards, and life is the same way. When life pulls you back with challenges, it’s a sign that it’s about to launch you ahead in a better way. So keep concentrating and shooting!

2. Accepting items as they are by nature:

The decision to accept mediocrity is a death sentence. You’ll never know what you’re really capable of if you settle for something. You have plenty of time to be who you want to be. Never give up on yourself, no matter what you’re going through. Don’t take the fast way out by settling for less than you know you’re capable of.

Recognize that it isn’t all about attempting to repair a problem. It’s okay to start again and make something different every now and then. To see it better, you must also take a step back. Growing better often entails breaking free from old patterns, marriages, and circumstances and discovering something new that really moves you – something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. LIVING is all about doing just that. Make no compromises.

3. Putting it in the hands of chance:

It’s not what you do once in a while that matters in the end, but what you commit yourself to on a regular basis. Having a schedule, even though it is initially flawed, is preferable to having no plan at all.

Don’t keep yourself trapped in a state where you can’t inquire for directions, even if you’re completely confused, simply because you don’t know where you’re going. Make a decision on what you desire. When you get honest about the true emotions you crave, you’ll be surprised by how many new doors and possibilities open up for you.

In the end, your destiny will appear before your eyes one day. Make an effort to make it worthwhile to watch. Work for a goal that gives purpose to your life.

4. Going with the flow:

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t conceal the madness,” Allen Ginsberg once wrote. In other words, find the confidence to be your amazing self in this wild universe that is trying to transform you like anyone else.

Never allow what others think of you to determine what you expect of yourself. It’s liberating to have clarity on your true interests so you can avoid proving yourself to others, including yourself.

We were all put on this planet to find our own paths, and living someone else’s life will never make us happy. So don’t be afraid of how you’re feeling. You have the right to experience whatever feeling you want and to choose a direction that brings you joy. Don’t compare yourself to others’ accomplishments or be disappointed by their performance. Follow your gut instincts, never give up on yourself, and don’t expect others to understand your journey, particularly if they haven’t been on it themselves. (Read The Road Less Traveled for more information.)

5. Putting it off for later:

Be truthful about yourself. Stuff you say you’ll take care of later almost never get finished. It’s time to wake up and make a difference in your life right now. You remember all those stuff you’ve been wanting to do for the past month, year, or however long? Pick one right now and get started. Get your hands dirty, stretch your mind, and work up a sweat if necessary. Move out of your comfortable rut to participate. It will make you feel better if you are feeling down. It will make you feel much better if you do feel good.

In the end, what you think will not matter; what matters is what you do. Every morning, get up determined so that you can go to bed happy. Today, summon the confidence and discipline to do what is needed rather than what is easy. “Only set off before tomorrow what you are ready to die having left undone,” Pablo Picasso once wrote.

6. Ignoring rather than forgiving some:

Forgiving people who have hurt you is a gift to yourself; forgetting people who have hurt you is a gift to them. Often forgive others, not because they deserve it, but because you deserve to be free of worry.

Since we are all one, as we forgive another, we are also forgiving ourselves, which is the first step toward reconciliation. Your life’s capacity for real happiness is reduced if you don’t forgive.

Furthermore, we always convince ourselves that we will be better off without such people in our lives, and while this might be valid, you can often develop the ability to forgive. Keep in mind that certain marriages will break up for a short period of time before reuniting twice as strong as before. This is only possible because of forgiveness. (Read The Mastery of Love for more information.)

7. You’re cutting so many corners when it comes to your most critical relationships:

It’s painful to love someone and not be loved back, but it’s much more painful to love someone and never have the opportunity to express your feelings. Holding on to the caring words and deeds you never gave to those you love is the saddest thing you can do.

You will find that the people you take for granted today are the only ones you require tomorrow. So make time with the people who really matter. The purest gift you can offer them is your undivided devotion.

Simply be there with them and pay attention to the little moments, for the little things are what you miss the most when you really miss someone, such as laughing together.

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When we are born, we embark on a journey. Death is the final destination. As a result, the trip is much more enjoyable than the destination. Don’t undervalue yourself! Make each day’s trip worthwhile, for the distance we each have to go is a mystery.

It is not about taking a way to where you want to go in life; it is about investing in the necessary time and effort. You must set targets and keep your promises, even though no one else notices, and know in your heart that it is important to do so.

Now it’s your time…

What additional information would you like to contribute to this article? When have you tried to cut corners in life and ended up cutting yourself short? Leave a note below and let us know what you think.


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