30 Things To Start Doing for yourself

“A Happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitude”.

According to Paulo Coelho, “You’ll wake up one day and realize you don’t have time to do the stuff you’ve always wanted to do. Do that right now.”

When the fact is, life is happening right now, all of us set our happiness and dreams on hold for another day. Today is the day to make meaningful changes in your life.

Do you have any idea where to start? Here are 30 self-care ideas to get you started.

1. Make a life vision for yourself:

Clarify your intent, what motivates you, and what you want for your love life, relationships, work, finances, lifestyle, fitness, and personal development.

2. Meditate on a regular basis:

Increased wisdom, inner harmony, imagination, and love will return tenfold on your commitment of a few minutes of time.

3. Take care of the organs:

Water, whole foods, hikes, yoga, and fitness are all good ways to nourish your earthly home.

4. Pay attention to your instincts and spirit:

Your heart holds the secret to your life’s mission, and it will guide and advise you in ways that your thinking mind cannot.

5. Change up your daily schedule:

Find a different street, coffee shop, walking track, hobby, sport, neighborhood, or profession instead of repeating the same year 85 times.

6. Make a list of your ideals:

Start basing your life on your deep fundamental motivators like independence, imagination, insight, abundance, resilience, attachment, and honesty.

7. Make time for fun and joy:

Create a list of all the things that bring you pleasure and do them on a weekly basis; your light and joy will help the whole universe.

8. Take a few moments to pause during the day:

Connect with the colors, noises, smells, textures, and beauty of life around you by diverting your mind away from the circling thoughts and worries in your brain.

9. Become at ease with your own skin:

The Universe created you for a cause, and you are one-of-a-kind. Take pride in who you are.

10. Create routines:

Rituals will help you bring your beliefs into your life, whether it’s a daily prayer, an evening book, or a weekend brunch.

11. Express gratitude:

Gratitude works like magic, making what you have enough and attracting more goodness into your life. You are very fortunate to be alive.

12. Pursue your ambitions:

Give it a shot; you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s more likely that you’ll regret not trying than that you’ll regret trying. What is the point of life if not to live fully?

13. Spend time around people who are enjoyable to be with:

We are highly influenced by those around us, so surround yourself with dreamers, doers, believers, thinkers, and those who can help you achieve your full potential.

14. Embrace and love yourself:

When you strengthen your relationship with yourself, it automatically improves your other relationships and your life. All begins to function properly.

15. Be forgiving of everyone:

“Holding on to rage is like grabbing a hot coal with the intent of tossing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burnt,” says a Chinese proverb. Let yourself free by forgiving others.

16. Eat a lot of food:

Recognize that you are solely responsible for your own health, self-worth, and satisfaction. Begin to fill yourself with love and whatever else you need.

17. Get a weekly plan:

Know your top priorities and ideals, and schedule your week for them; otherwise, you’ll be swept away by the real world’s tug.

18. Take a look back at your week:

Thank God for all good that has happened, just accept what isn’t going too well that you can change it rather than repeated old habits.

19. Everything should be celebrated. Allow your emotions to run freely within you:

When a powerful negative emotion occurs, instead of fueling it with stories in your head or holding it deep in your heart, experience the sensation in your body without judgement, believing it will pass.

22. Go for a walk through the woods:

Nature will help you reconnect with your spirit by reminding you of the Universe’s inherent beauty, wisdom, and harmony.

23. Forget about the past:

It’s not really happening right now; it’s all in your head. You strip yourself of the happiness, elegance, and potential offered to you in the current moment if you try to relive the past.

Small victories boost your morale and prepare you for greater success; find new ways to congratulate yourself and your loved ones.

24. Take a look at the class:

Often our greatest teachers are our greatest obstacles; take a moment to consider whether your obstacles hold a divine message that reveals where you are trapped or need to expand.

25. Clear out your room:

Our belongings not only weigh us down emotionally, but also energetically and mentally. You are symbolically making way for the fresh by clearing space in your life.

26. Make it a habit to check up with yourself on a daily basis:

How much do you check up on yourself to see how you’re doing? Place your hand on your heart and inquire about what your inner child needs from you right now. The response might surprise you.

27. Take a deep breath:

All of us are in such a hurry that we fail to take good breaths. Our bodies get tense, and our energy levels drop. Take a few deep breaths from your abdomen during the day.

28. Make your life easier:

If you’re feeling distracted, keep track of what you do in a normal week to see what you can eliminate — either watching too much TV, complaining, or browsing through social media isn’t helping your best interests.

29. Every week, do one thing that scares you:

Your current comfort zone is merely the last stop on your journey; by doing something that scares you every week, you are continually pushing yourself past your self-imposed boundaries.

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30. Place a high value on your satisfaction:

When it comes to happiness, we are too eager to give it up over small matters or items outside our grasp, despite the fact that it is one of the most important things we have. When you’re tempted to get swept up in drama, consider the mantra: “I should see paradise instead of this.”


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